It is a great pleasure to invite you to the 12th International Conference on Acid Rock Drainage (ICARD) 2022 VIRTUAL.

For more than three decades, ICARD has been the major international forum for sharing technical solutions for the prediction and prevention of ARD, and for communicating the evolution of leading practice management strategies. ICARD provides the platform for the mining industry, consultants, researchers, technology developers and suppliers, regulators, community and NGOs to communicate their perspectives on this important topic.

This 12th ICARD will be a timely opportunity to reflect on the last three decades of progress, and to discuss practical pathways towards sustainable management of acid rock drainage (ARD) in this new century.

We had planned to host the conference in Brisbane, and while missing the opportunity of meeting everyone in person is less than ideal, we are hoping to maximise the opportunities that a virtual conference can offer through invited keynote presentations, technical talks, exhibitions, panel discussions, networking sessions, and virtual site tours.

The Conference will explore how new knowledge and capabilities impact on managing ARD. For example, advances in data acquisition and analysis are increasing predictive capability, while mine planning allows for increased separation and management of acid-producing material through the life of mine. At the same time, more robust business case analyses are focussing on the realistic long-term costs of ARD for industry, government and society, and policy and legislation is setting new benchmarks and making mine closure even more challenging.

The theme of ICARD 2022 “Proactive measures and lasting outcomes” reflects that the sooner work starts on implementing a well-designed, effective ARD control strategy the more likely it is that that there will be sustainable benefits. While the operational life of most mines is usually measured in years or decades, the effective life of control strategies and remediation works have to be measured in centuries.

The 12th ICARD aims to address the above issues in a holistic and multidisciplinary program, building on the wealth of knowledge and experience in the management of ARD, or acid and metalliferous drainage (AMD), as it is known in Australia. The Virtual ICARD 2022 will connect attendees to a much wider global network of professionals who are interested in the topic of acid and metalliferous drainage.

We thank everyone for their ongoing support and we look forward to continuing our work together.

Associate Professor Mansour Edraki

ICARD 2022 Conference Chair